MILK Line CC Cream Perfect Radiance 10 in 1 SPF 15


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Enjoy a complexion correcting cream with milk proteins that is used as a foundation forĀ a perfect complexion

Provides flawless tonal coating. Provides careful skincare and improved skin appearance. Optical particles instantly give your skin a healthy natural glow, even out its tone, and ensure long-lasting results.

10 effects in 1 cream for perfect skin

1. Provides even, natural radiance

2. Instantly corrects skin tone imperfections

3. Reduces the visibility of wrinkles and pores

4. Tones and evens out complexion

5. Provides smoothness

6. Hydrates throughout the day

7. Softens and smooths

8. Safeguards against UV radiation (SPF 15)

9. Leaves no oily shine

10. Perfect makeup foundation

RESULTS: Immaculate, even tone. Radiant, attractive appearance without visible skin imperfections.

Brand: Belita

Volume: 30 ml

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