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Belita Vitex IDEAL WHITENING Night Face Cream

night cream that works to identify pigmented areas, dark spots and freckles, and unifies the color of the face within 30 days

Now you can simply apply the night whitening cream before bed to lighten dark pigment spots and freckles.

The night cream provides proactive whitening of freckles and pigment spots during bedtime while the skin is resting and thus is most responsive to the action of active substances

The unique whitening Smart technology delivered by the Derma white® and Lumiskin™ proactive components works hard as you sleep, identifying and targeting pigmented areas that require whitening.

The cream helps reduce melanin synthesis, minimizes the appearance of pigment spots and provides a skin whitening effect.

Bearberry extract enhances the whitening effect and moisturizes the skin

Brand: Vitex



Belita Vitex IDEAL WHITENING Day Face Cream SPF 20

day cream that whitening dark spots and freckles. Unifies the color of the face and brightens the face within 30 days

The daytime cream is designed for whitening of freckles and pigment spots at various stages of skin pigmentation

The cream protects the skin against adverse environmental factors that trigger pigmentation

The unique Smart Whitening technology helps the Derma white® and Lumiskin™ proactive components penetrate the skin, targeting areas that require whitening.

Brand : Vitex

Volume : 50 m

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