BLACK CLEAN Deeply Cleansing Facial Mask based on Clay


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Mask rich in Clay and active bamboo charcoal, absorbs impurities, fights toxins, removes dead and dry skin cells, restores the radiance of the skin and gives the skin the required lightening and suitable for all skin types

DEEP CLEANSING -A deep cleansing face mask combines the cleansing power of black activated bamboo charcoal and natural clays, which draw out impurities, fight toxins and restore the natural radiance of the skin.

ADSORB DIRT AND TOXINS -Mask effectively absorbs impurities and fights with oily shine, nourishes the skin with useful minerals and trace elements, stimulates metabolism in cells and their regeneration.

SHRINK PORES -Clay, contained in mask, sucks out all impurities stuck with skin pores. Mask narrows pores, provides skin with necessary nourishment, making your face smooth and silky, and has antibacterial properties

EXFOLIATE DEAD SKIN CELLS -A deep cleansing face mask delicately removes dead and dry skin cells and excess sebum, leaving your skin glowing.

IMPROVE COMPLEXION -Mask purposefully fights against skin imperfections, bringing back a fresh and healthy complexion

Brand: Vitex

Volume:75 g

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