Baby Nappy Eco Cream from the First Days of Life (tube, 75ml).


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Baby Nappy cream with Natural Origin 98% , that protects your child’s skin from infections from the first day of life

The Baby Nappy Eco Cream from the First Days of Life is designed for daily care and gentle protection of the baby’s tender skin from diaper rash. Natural components build a reliable, permeable barrier, which allows baby skin to breathe while remaining dry, tender and smooth.

D-panthenol soothes and moisturizes skin, provides an anti-inflammatory and healing effect, and prevents diaper rash .Shea butter and almond oil soothe, restore, nourish and soften skin .Chamomile ,bidens and cotton extracts provide an anti-bacterial effect, soothe skin and enhance its barrier function

Zinc oxide provides an antiseptic and drying effect, reducing inflammation and irritation.

The Eco Cream is also suitable for reliable protection of sensitive skin areas, such as elbow creases and knee pits , armpits and neck against redness, irritation and chafe. 98 %Ingredients of natural origin

Brand: Belita

Volume: 75 ml

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